“I’ve seen my children grow socially and academically since they’ve started at The Quest Zone, and I love knowing they’re being cared for and nurtured until I get off work. We’ve tried other after school and summer camp programs, and without a doubt I know the Quest Zone is the absolute best place for our babies to be. We love our Quest Zone at Redcliffe!”

Mrs. Ennis | Quest Zone Parent, Redcliffe Elementary School

“We have had a very positive experience with The Quest Zone Afterschool Program. My child never wants to leave. His homework gets completed, he has plenty of learning activities provided, along with fun games and healthy snacks. We have really enjoyed Quest Zone this year!”

Rita Renfroe | Quest Zone Parent, Jefferson Elementary School

“The Quest Zone is basically my happy place. One reason I like Quest Zone is because it gives you a way to communicate to one another and create a lot of friends. Second reason, the teachers here are really helpful and nice and they help you with homework too! These are my reasons why I love Quest Zone and I hope that future students will love it too.”

Aubreigh | 5th Grade Student, Redcliffe Elementary School

“My daughter is in Kindergarten and attends Quest Zone after school each day. I wrestled with the decision of keeping her in her daycare that she has attended since she was an infant, or putting her in Quest Zone. I am so happy with my decision. I have been blown away with the professionalism, knowledge and dedication shown by all staff. My daughter is learning to play games and loves the creative time they get. They help her with her assignments too, which really helps me out!”

Ashley Cooper | Quest Zone Parent, Graniteville Elementary School

“My daughter has been going to the Quest Zone since she was in kindergarten. She is now in the Quest Zone at her middle school. She has had wonderful teachers the whole time. I would definitely recommend Quest Zone to other parents. Thank you for providing a wonderful service for working parents.”

Ryan Quiller | Quest Zone Parent, North Augusta Middle School

“My name is Caylah and I go to The Quest Zone. I like the people and the teachers here. They take care of me and make sure I’m okay. They feed me, play with me, and love me. I am super happy that I go to The Quest Zone.”

Caylah | 5th Grade Student, Ridge Spring-Monetta Elementary School

“Our family chooses the Quest Zone Afterschool Program because it is a safe, structured, and creative environment for our children to learn. The staff are caring and attentive and allow us the opportunity for more family time by helping the children with their nightly assignments after school while it’s still fresh in their minds. It is a great program for working parents! The combination of educational time, play time, and an afternoon snack means the kids have had time to blow off steam from being in a classroom all day. It’s a great transition program and I am thankful we have the Quest Zone as an option!”

Katelyn Pfliegler | Quest Zone Parent, East Aiken School of the Arts

“We have been very pleased with our experience with Quest Zone. My son had a little trouble adjusting at the beginning of school, but the teachers were all very helpful and patient with him. Now he loves going to Quest Zone and tells me not to pick him up early. I love that my kids get a snack, complete their homework and have plenty of play time after school.”

Emily Kane | Quest Zone Parent, Mossy Creek Elementary School