You’re always hearing about STEM activities in your student’s classroom, but should you extend the learning to home? Yes! STEM enables your child to see how math and science is more than just addition and biology. STEM can increase curiosity and help your student learn what they’re good at! It can even get your child thinking, “what do I want to be when I grow up?”

Here are some of our favorite STEM activities to complete at home.

1. How Strong is Spaghetti?

Looks can be deceiving when it comes to spaghetti! Try this activity to see how materials have different strengths and weaknesses. Use blocks, books, or even shoes to test out uncooked spaghetti’s strength.

2. Hot Chocolate Experiment

This sure is a tasty experiment! The temperature of water sure makes a difference when it comes to a good cup of hot chocolate. Have your student test how quickly hot chocolate mix dissolves with water at different temperatures. Throw a cup of milk in the mix and see how that changes things!

3. Snowball Launcher

Who is ready for a snowball fight?! Minus the snow, of course. This Styrofoam snowball launcher experiment is an easy test to measure how far things can fly – and it doesn’t stop with snowballs. Try different sizes of snowballs, small stuffed animals, ping pong balls, or any other item that will fit in your launcher.

4. Ancient Building Challenge

Build your very own ancient Greek building with this challenge! Just find paper cups and trays, and you’re on your way. Your cups will be the columns, and the trays will be the foundation and roof. It takes testing for believing, but with the right layout, it can support a person! Have your student arrange the cups in multiple layouts and see which is strongest. To take things to the next level, build a double decker!

5. Pringles Ring

If you and your student are in need of a snack, this is the activity to do. They’ll need their thinking caps for this one. Create a ring with Pringles – it sounds impossible, but with the right pattern, your Pringles will turn into a wheel! It will take some trial and error, so make sure to talk thought how different strategies could work with your student.

These activities are all the proof you need to know that STEM outside of school can be fun and accessible! In need of a structured, educational after school experience? Visit our website for information on programs and more. With over 40 locations and partnered schools in South Carolina, we’re sure to find the right fit for your student.