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3 Reasons to Say “YES” to Afterschool

As our society and family structures have evolved, two full-time working parents in a household has become the norm.  With the typical full-time job hours being 8am-5pm, the question arises – what will the kids do after school while they wait for their parents to get off work?

Afterschool programs offer something we call extended day enrichment. That means we make the most of those few hours every weekday afternoon. Children commune together while growing academically, building character, and developing communication skills through three primary methods:  academic reinforcement, academic enrichment, and parental involvement.

  1. Reinforce skills learned at school. Academic reinforcement is vital for the growth and development required to become stronger, more confident students in the classroom.  In afterschool programs students receive tutoring and homework help. And they can work through additional activities to strengthen areas where they may be struggling. Parents can enjoy uninterrupted family time with their kids after work knowing their child has already completed their homework.
  2. Academic enrichment. Students also participate in interesting activities not offered in their regular classes. STEM, Lego-robotics, and NFL Play 60 are just a few enrichment programs offered through select Quest Zones. These activities are designed to develop a host of skills, including critical thinking, proper social/emotional development, and problem solving/reasoning skills – all vital to becoming life-long learners and strategists.
  3. Parental involvement. Parent involvement is extremely important to igniting a student’s love of learning and education. Afterschool programs offer parents the opportunity to take a more “hands-on” approach with their students’ education. The Quest Zone hosts family nights that promote literacy and math, seasonal food and clothing drives to help community members in need, and more to connect parents and communities with our students.

Saying “YES” to afterschool enrichment opens the door to new possibilities for students, families, and even communities. Children who are eager to learn become empowered to explore exciting possibilities – a life-changing catalyst that extends beyond the student’s elementary or middle school life.  And it starts with just a few hours afterschool each weekday!

January 23, 2018

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